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Oxymetholone by Valkyrie: One of the Greatest Mass Builders of All Time

We’re going to give you the full low down on oxymetholone by Valkyrie in this article so that you can get the immense surge in size and strength you’re looking for anyone who’s used this product previously knows how much of an impact it can make on their physique, and we know you’re excited to see what it can do for you too.

In truth, we’re quite excited to hear about your incredible results too - there’s a good reason why this item is so legendary amongst the bodybuilding and strong man community; it’s SERIOUSLY powerful, and those who need rapid gains in mass within the shortest time frame possible know that this is a staple go to product provided you’ve got a little experience under your belt. Ready to delve a little deeper into the world of anadrol 50? We’ll start by discussing what kind of experience others have had so that you can get a better idea about how it works.

Anadrol 50 (Oxymetholone) Short Review

Firstly, let’s just clear something up before you proceed both the injectable and oral forms of this compound are going to deliver the same amazing results. The only difference is, of course, the manner in which you administer each one respectively. An oxymetholone cycle is regarded as being potentially THE single most effective method out there to slam on size with “immediate” effect  don’t take this the wrong way though, this doesn’t mean that products like trenbolone and dianabol are useless in comparison, they’re just altogether different beasts when compared to the highly potent effects of this particular item.

It could actually be said that the benefits you’re going to receive here are overkill depending on your physicality and chosen reason for taking it it’s no secret that the majority of bulking agents are going to lead to a little excess water and fat storage for instance, but with drol, you’ll have to stomach more excess in these areas than you would with milder anabolic agents. You could be forgiven at this point for thinking that there’s too much risk involved here if you’re going to “bloat” up the truth is though that with high risk comes high reward, and sure, you’re going to carry a little more “fluff” than you’d perhaps like, but ultimately the volume of mass you’ll secure in the process is going to make this small but necessary evil more than worth it.

Provided you come off your cycle using the appropriate post cycle support elements (it’d be a good idea to consider some kind of HGH at this stage to cement your gains in place) then you’re going to be over the moon with your cycle choice. We haven’t even delved into the strength gains on offer yet either this is where drol really shows its muscle and proves itself to be one of the absolute best compounds available for those competing in competitive strength events.

Consider that there’s typically no weight restriction in these settings at the highest level this suddenly means that any excess mass is actually advantageous (volume moves volume after all) and can give the competitor an immense edge over others. Equally, the raw strength on offer here is more than enough to provide even the most seasoned of strength athletes with a massive boost that could easily lead to a trophy win.

All in all, it’s a truly immense product this anadrol review isn’t going to put you under any false pretenses and pretend that there are no side effects involved, though. As you progress through to the final few sections, we’re going to make you aware of any of the potential risks involved with taking drol for now though, it’s important that you know that when taking this product with the appropriate attention to detail it deserves (using the correct cycle treatment and adhering to sensible dosage ranges for instance) you’re going to be a raving fan from here on in.

How Does Anadrol Work?

Simply put anadrol works by vastly increasing your anabolic capacity due to an immense surge in the body’s ability to produce and utilise testosterone in synergy with growth hormone. This product was actually initially developed to help counteract muscle wasting diseases, and in this capacity, it proved to be almost second to none for restoring mass and bringing patients’ weight up. As such, it probably goes without saying that people began to see its immense potential as an aesthetic agent. What you need to be aware of is that whilst this product does deliver results by the bucket full, it’s going to be rendered pretty useless post cycle as this is when the vast majority of your gains stand to disappear if you don’t supplement as previously mentioned with other items to help keep them in place.

Picture it as an immense waterfall packed to the brim with growth potential that literally floods into your system and supercharges your frame this is theoretically great, but due to its highly powerful nature, it needs to be controlled effectively to see the results you’re looking for. As such, an anadrol cycle could be described as not being for the faint hearted it needs someone who understands its brutally effective nature in order to be fully optimised, and if you’re new to taking this kind of product, then this really isn’t the place to start. Equally, if you’ve used the likes of dbol, deca or even tren before it’s safe to say that you’re probably ready to try using the minimum dose of anadrol before moving onto a “harder” cycle in the future.

Anadrol 50 Results: Before and After

It’s incredibly hard to state specifically what kind of an effect oxymetholone will have on you owing to everyone’s individual genetic make up and the intricacies of their unique biochemistry.

You’ll find that what works incredibly well for one person won’t necessarily have much of an effect on another. In this instance, it has to be said that even in a worst case scenario you’re definitely going to see a significant increase in both your strength and size. Exactly how much is tough to speculate, but believe it or not some users have gained as much as 30lbs in weight within a 4 week period  there’s really nothing else out there that can boast figures like this.

Your results after 1 week are going to be incredibly noticeable, and the “gain train” certainly isn’t going to stop there results will continue until roughly the 6 week mark where they will almost instantly cease. This might sound a little strange, but that’s just the active “life” that anadrol has. Continuing use after the 6 week mark is simply going to result in potentially permanent damage to the liver (if you’re taking the oral form) or a highly increased risk of estrogenic issues arising.

It’s the “after” aspect of your anadrol 50 results that you need to pay close attention to as well if you really want to achieve the physique you set out to we’ve stated already that taking nothing at all to help keep your lean tissue development in place would be reckless, but don’t underestimate this aspect; up to 50% of your drol results come from successful cycle aftercare.

Positive Effects of Anadrol by Valkyrie Pharmaceutical

In conjunction with an incredible surge in mass and strength, you’re also likely to experience:

  • A heightened sense of well being
  • More confidence
  • A decreased risk of joint pain due to excess fluid (this serves as lubrication)
  • More energy output overall

These added benefits are certainly fantastic considering they collaborate perfectly with the other positive elements on offer  this makes drol a great multipurpose compound for achieving any number of physical goals.

You can actually boost your oxymetholone positive effects by stacking it with several other compounds to both eradicate adverse issues and heighten the good parts at the same time this is how experienced anabolic users prefer to use it as it works incredibly well (and arguably better) as part of a well formed stack of substances. The above mentioned anadrol benefits that you’ll receive when taking anadrol tablets or injections make this a great choice for pretty much anyone needing to improve their aesthetic appearance and sense of well being.

How to Stack With Other Steroids?

When it comes to stacking, the first element you should consider when using anadrol pills is what kind of cycle therapy to stack it with. This needs to come before other anabolic agents, as this relates directly to your overall vitality. Using items like nolvadex will help to keep your estrogen count at a controlled level whilst you’re “on” (and afterwards too), and you should consider keeping some letrozole or arimidex on hand in case you experience any severe adverse issues.

Once you’ve got these elements in place, it’s time to consider how you could stack this item with other anabolic compounds to help maximise your overall results in a manner that would be impossible when using drol alone. Anadrol 50 mg will combine very well with testosterone and growth hormone products to lay the perfect anabolic foundation for you to develop a monstrous physique as well as completely obliterating your personal bests due to the strength gains such a stack would provide.

Oxymetholone 50 can also be used towards the latter end of a cutting cycle in conjunction with growth hormone products and stripping agents to help “blow” the physique up during what’s known as a “carb loading” phase pre-contest. It has to be said that this cutting technique is VERY advanced and should never be attempted by a first time or even mildly seasoned user it requires the individual to know a great deal about water retention and how to handle it.

Anadrol 50 Cycle (Dosage and Length)

Your anadrol dosage depends entirely on your level of experience with the product, and no matter what you’ve heard or been told by anyone else, you absolutely must stick with the minimum dosage parameters on your first run in with it. Anadrol pills are administered daily and need to be taken for total doses of roughly 50 - 150 mg per day in total. Minimum cycles last for four weeks whereas maximum cycles last for six.

As already stated, there is absolutely no point in going over the 6 week mark as the compound simply loses its ability to provide further progression at this point all you would do after this time frame is risk negative health issues arising. 50 mg of anadrol is more than enough for a first-time male user, and is actually the absolute maximum dose that a female user could take  150 mg has been commonly accepted as the maximum “usable” dosage of this product. Taking more than this has not been proven to have any measurable effect further to the maximum upper case limit mentioned.

Some highly-advanced users have taken anywhere up to and beyond 300 mg on their anadrol cycle, but this is an insanely high dosage and definitely isn’t recommended at all no one should ever feasibly need to take this much regardless of their level of experience. Dosages are definitely not open to interpretation, and you should adhere to the specific guidelines that relate to your level of experience.

Anadrol Side Effects

Oxymetholone 50 carries with it some of the typical adverse issues that you would associate with taking pretty much any “hard” mass gaining product don’t worry though as they can certainly be controlled or avoided altogether.

Some of the side effects of anadrol are:

  • Hypertension due to an increase in pressure within the blood vessels this can cause strokes in worst case scenarios and symptoms like head pains, restlessness and dizziness
  • Estrogenic side effects like excessive fluid storage under the skin and gynecomastia may occur without appropriate cycle therapy (in fact, it’s safe to say that these issues would be very likely without it being in place)
  • Shortness of breath due to congestion as a result of drastically increased mass

These symptoms are the worst of the potential anadrol negative effects, and provided you’re sensible about your approach to taking drol in general; you’re very likely to have an incredibly positive experience with it.

Side effects are unlikely on the whole, due to the immensely high quality of the product we offer here Valkyrie pharmaceuticals actually supply to the medical industry, so you’re getting something that is being used daily in hospitals on live patients. There really isn’t any higher standard to live up to than that, and that’s why we offer you it in total confidence. If you stick to the relevant dosages specified here, you stand an immensely high chance of never facing anything even remotely stressful during your time on anadrol.

Package 100 tablets (50 mg/tablet)
Manufacturer Valkyrie Pharmaceutical
Substance Oxymetholone
Common name Anadrol

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