120KGS – About Us

You’d be forgiven for thinking that there aren’t ANY decent steroid retailers out there on the online market owing to the sheer number of fake websites offering harmful and potentially life threatening products – luckily for you, you’ve now found the real deal.

At 120kgs we turn what was once a risky and dangerous online marketplace into an exciting and highly beneficial journey into the world of anabolic compounds.

It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for – we have it, and we have enough of it to safely guide you through your cycles for many years to come.

About Our Company

We’re not here to try and bring about world peace or conquer the known universe – we just wanted to make the world of anabolic steroids a little safer for those who want a trustworthy internet based supplier.

Buying in person can be dangerous, being that it’s hard to trace where your items come from, plus there’s a risk that you’ll get caught securing them by a family member or friend (which can be seriously awkward.)

Online buying is a discreet and convenient method of acquiring your every anabolic need, and we pride ourselves on offering an incredibly high level of customer service in conjunction with the purest “gear” available anywhere.

How We Meet GMP Requirements

We meet the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) requirements necessary to guarantee optimum safety, purity and strength with every product batch we ship to our customers.

You’re going to have a hard time finding this highly regarded “seal of approval” on other websites. This is because they don’t meet this stringent quality standard, and is another reason why you KNOW you can trust us.

About Our Labs

Our labs have to be seen to be believed – they’re intensely sterile, crammed with all of the latest pharmaceutical technology, and are working overtime thanks to our team of dedicated researchers and lab technicians.

It takes years worth of knowledge and hands on experience to be able to guarantee optimum safety and efficiency, and that’s why we only select the most trustworthy and seasoned scientists to produce your anabolic compounds.

We’re confident your time with us will be wholly positive, and we’re genuinely looking forward to hearing about your fantastic results whilst using either one or several of our highly revered products.