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Anavar 10 by Valkyrie

Over the course of this article, we’re going to provide an anavar 10 review as well as explaining the amazing benefits this awesome anabolic compound has to offer for those wanting to emphasise their muscular visibility and create the much sought after “dry” appearance that so many pro physique champions are known for.

This product is perfect for a first-time user who already has relatively low body fat levels this can be said for both male and female users equally owing to the unique effects it has on either gender.

Let’s delve a little deeper into the world of var so that you can gain a full understanding of the product and how to apply it.

Anavar 10 (Oxandrolone) Review

Anavar tablets are immensely popular for good reason  they’re easily one of, if not THE most versatile anabolic agent on the market for those who wish to develop lean mass and bring out maximum muscular visibility.

How you’re going to apply them as part of your cycle really depends on your gender - whilst this is a mild substance for a male user, oxandrolone for women is actually very potent. Typically, men who use var are either going to have to take it in conjunction with other items when cutting to maximise their results, or they will simply choose to take it in between cycles as a “gap” filling agent to protect lean mass and keep body fat levels low.

Unfortunately, this isn’t going to provide the male user with any significant degree of mass development as per a product like trenbolone or dianabol it’s simply too mild to have this effect.

On the other hand, it makes an absolutely perfect choice for females who want to gain lean mass in the “tidiest” way possible  this is because it provides a “sustained” growth phase and doesn’t come with any androgenic strings attached that could lead to the development of male features as per other products.

Women have been known to go on var only cycles (this is actually very common) as there is really no need to combine it with anything else ordinarily speaking. It works excellently for both bulking and cutting purposes when used by a female, this makes it a “universal” compound and a popular favourite amongst the women’s competitive physique scene.

Whilst an oxandrolone cycle isn’t going to slam on mass for a male user, the reason it makes such a great gap filling agent in between cycles is that the small percentage of extra mass it does produce is lean in nature and easily sustained. You could almost view it as giving you an added “edge” if you’re a male user in this scenario  it’s a good way to prime the body before entering either a bulk or a cut.

Regardless of your gender, provided you do your research and choose to use this item for the right purpose, you’re going to have nothing but a positive experience with it. As anabolic agents go, var is certainly amongst the most reliable out there, and because it carries a low risk of adverse issues arising with it; almost everyone would agree that it’s as close to being a “perfect” steroid as you can realistically get.

How to Take Anavar Tablets From Valkyrie Pharmaceutical

Basically, as obvious as this may sound the best way to take oxandrolone pills is SAFELY. Ensuring that you stay within the recommended dosage ranges and use appropriate cycle therapy (liver protection) are both an absolute must if you want to have a great time with this product.

Most var cycles typically last 6-8 weeks for both male and female users  your pills are going to contain 10 mg of anavar and how many you need to take is going to depend purely on your level of experience.

Standard minimum end doses for a guy are going to fall into the 20-30mg per day category do not under any circumstances exceed this level if you haven’t used this compound before, as it’ll drastically increase your risk of adverse issues arising.

It’s commonly accepted that you’re going to need to take nearer 40-50 mg to achieve the effect you’re really looking for. Some users (very experienced ones) have been known to take doses of 80mg and sometimes even more (though this is never recommended.)

Female users will need to start on doses of roughly 5-10 mg per day, and realistically it’s very unlikely that a woman is ever going to need to stray further than a 10 mg maximum dose.

Some female competitors have been known to take up to 20 mg per day, but as per the 80 mg per day dose specified for experienced male users this level of implementation is always going to have to be integrated under the assumption that adverse issues are likely going to arise as a result  especially if this maximum range is exceeded.

You should now have a good idea about how to take anavar effectively  if you’re still a little unsure then make sure you go over this section again thoroughly in order to digest the information on offer.

What to Stack With Anavar

Anavar pills are super versatile, and they can be used in conjunction with several compounds for the male user who wants to perform a cutting cycle. Some people have been known to take var whilst bulking, but to be honest, you should do yourself a favour and NOT go down this route. Anavar is great for protecting lean muscle tissue, but any anabolic effect it has is going to be completely overruled by a stronger compound like deca or dianabol if you use the two together. It just isn’t strong enough to warrant being used during a mass gaining phase and considering that it’s not the cheapest option out there, you should instead look for something that has a more “appropriate place” in this scenario.

Provided you’re using it for a cut, and you’re a male user, you’ll have an effective experience if you use it with the likes of winstrol, masteron, primobolan and trenbolone these are all fantastic options for maximising your results.

For a female user, var integrates well into either a bulk or a cut equally and effectively, and it can be taken with pretty much any form of HGH, winstrol or clenbuterol. It works fantastically on its own too.

When you type in “how to buy anavar online” make sure you also look for some of these options to combine with it so that you can make the most out of your cycle this will be the best way to maximise results.

Anavar Only Cycle for Bodybuilders

As previously stated, oxandrolone can be effectively taken on its own for a male who is either in between cycles or would prefer a “milder” cycle, as a first-time user perhaps or whilst performing a maintenance phase. Whilst most would simply choose to include anavar in a cutting cycle, it’s worth considering its usage in the above capacity for the stated purposes.

For the female user, anavar 10mg pills are going to provide a near “perfect” choice in regards to developing lean tissue during pretty much any phase it slots perfectly into bulking and cutting scenarios but can be taken on its own should the user wish to progressively gain at a sustainable and “safe” rate.

It could be argued that any anavar cycle for women is going to be worth running, there’s almost no “wrong” way for a female to run it (unless they neglect dosage guidelines) as it’ll always deliver plenty of bang for their buck.

Running an anavar only cycle is definitely something worth considering if you’re a first time user or you want to “breach” a gap whilst taking a break in between a dedicated cut or bulk women will always have plentiful reasons to use it regardless of the phase they are currently in.

It’s best to always ensure all the anavar 10mg you purchase comes from 120kgs in order to come as close as possible to guaranteeing maximum safety during your time with it all of our products have been optimised for human consumption and anything coming from Valkyrie labs has been approved for, and used in a medical capacity by hospitals/doctors. This means they represent the highest quality standard available.

Negative Side Effects of Anavar Steroid

Some primary issues relating to using anavar pills largely relate to the toxicity it produces within the liver and as such, safeguarding against that toxicity at all costs.

Oxandrolone side effects can include a diminished capacity to organically engineer test in a male by up to 50% when taken in extremely high doses, but this is incredibly unlikely it’s still a good idea to combine it with a product that can help to elevate innate production levels again post cycle just to cover your back.

Consider (regardless of gender) your health and ensure you consume high-grade milk thistle or any other liver protection agent whilst on var as this is going to maximise the safety of your var integration overall and provide you with a stress-free consumption period.

Oxandrolone side effects are regarded as being very mild despite the above warnings It’s possible you may experience dizziness/light headedness as a result of this item’s ability to raise your levels of bad cholesterol, however.

Keep in mind that negative issues typically arise from improper use  they usually indicate the user has either overdosed or chosen not to implement any supplementary support. Both scenarios would likely spell disaster, and you’d only have yourself to blame if you were to recklessly delve into using this item under these pretences.

Provided you keep these warnings in mind, it’s very unlikely that you’re going to encounter anything negative during your time on var - it’s regarded as being immensely stress-free when compared to other compounds available.

How Long Does Anavar Stay in Your System?

On the whole, an anavar dosage for men or women is going to stay in the system for around 3 - 4 weeks.

Realistically, anavar should leave the system after 3  it’s really not worth risking a positive test result though, so you should always leave more than enough time for a product to clear. If your future depends on you getting through your test without a red face, then it may be best leave it 6 weeks to be completely safe.

Oxandrolone steroid tablets have a half-life within the body of 8 hours  some believe that this means they’re going to be clear of the compound within a 24 hour period, but they forget that any anabolic agent you take is going to leave a “residue” in the system. That’s ultimately what a test is going to pick up, and that’s why you need to be double sure that it’s gone completely.

This 3 - 4 week “life span” is a known anavar steroid side effect  you need to be crystal clear about when you run your cycle in relation to when your test is being performed if you want to ensure that you come out of the situation on top.

It probably goes without saying, but don’t try to fudge your way through a test in the hope that it won’t get detected it will. Always play it completely safe and leave absolutely nothing to chance.

All things considered, provided you’re sensible with your timing then you’ll have a smooth cruise ahead of you this short half-life combined with the low risk of side effects and guaranteed results make this truly one of the best anabolic agents out there.

Package 100 tablets (10 mg/tablet)
Manufacturer Valkyrie Pharmaceutical
Substance Oxandrolone
Common name Anavar

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