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30 x Testosterone Undecanoate Capsule 40mg by MSD

How To Buy Andriol Online at 120kgs?

Those who have heard of Andriol are most likely individuals who’ve heard of their use in clinical circles. This is because this product has only entered into the pharmaceutical business relatively recently, after being developed in the late 20th century for medical issues such as testosterone deficiency.


However, as it is the case with many of these medical products, it is beginning to become more and more recognised in recreational and competitive circles as a potentially beneficial substance that could be included into an athlete’s diet.


Unfortunately, for those who are looking for Andriol for sale, it is, like its predecessors and counterparts, heavily restricted by most governments in developed countries. As a result, it’s often difficult to acquire the item and is often impossible without a medical prescription, which is both expensive and difficult to get.


So, for those interested in including this product into their diet for competitive or recreational purposes, or those looking to find a cheaper mean of getting the item for more clinical purposes, the most convenient way of getting it is simply to buy Andriol Testocaps online from trusted online vendors such as this website.


However, it is important to first understand how to use this item and how to take it in order to get the most out of its use. Below, we take an in-depth look at this product and its effects to give you a clear idea of where if fits into someone’s program and help you distinguish if it’s the right product for you.

Benefits And Use of Andriol Testocaps 40 MG Capsules

For those unfamiliar, this product is an encapsulated form of the Testosterone Undecanoate chemical. It’s designed for oral consumption.


Instead of more conventional oral steroids though, this item is digested through the small intestines and the lymphatic system. This, along with its unique chemical structure and lack of alterations characteristic of other oral chemicals, means it doesn’t elicit the same hepatic strain as its counterparts.


In other words, one of the biggest and most unique perks of Restandol is its user-friendly nature. It’s easily transported, taken, and is milder with regards to adverse events of other compounds.


A given amount of Andriol also has a half-life of only a few hours, meaning it can be useful for those who need to target their spikes of the chemical in their blood around a certain time, such as a workout, and possibly avoid detection from testing. This may be especially useful if you’re an athlete coming close to a competitive event, show, or tournament.


In any case, other than its unique perks, Restandol can help deliver all the perks of its active base chemical. These include:


  • A more rapid and greater recovery from training, with subsequently greater outcomes like greater force and power output capacity
  • A higher amount of lean mass accrual or retention, with a potentially permanent increase in potential for lean mass increase with exercise
  • A greater production of red blood cells, with a consequently greater working capacity


These are usually attained with an Andriol dosage of between 10 to 14 capsules each day, which would equate to around 400 to 500 milligrams each day. The reason behind the necessity for such a high dose is discussed further in this article.


However, this high dose increases the Andriol Testocaps price you’ll need to pay, particularly if you’re an experienced user of these substances, as you may need an even higher amount then to experience the same relative results.  

What Other Drugs Could be Stacked With Andriol?

Because this product is absorbed through the intestines and lymphatic system, it has a low bioavailability. This means only a small percentage of the ingested Andriol is absorbed and used in the body for its effect.


Because of this, the impact of the chemical is fairly mild compared to its injectable counterparts. As a result, most users will find it suits best in phases where the aim is to retain as much lean mass as possible, along with its benefits, while reducing fat mass.


As a result it could be useful to combine this product with items like Trenbolone, Masteron, Winstrol or items like Anavar.


However, some novice users may find it useful for periods where the aims is lean muscle gain. Here, combining Andriol 40 mg with items like Dianabol or Deca-Durabolin May show promising outcomes.


In all of these cases though, care should be taken. Combining multiple items into a diet can increase the unpredictability and severity of potential side effects. Below, we take a look at some of the characteristic drawbacks associated with these capsules.

Common Side Effects of Andriol Capsules

While the method of digestion and form of this Testosterone Undecanoate chemical is milder in nature, making adverse effects less likely and less severe, there is still a possibility of adverse events occurring, as with any drug.

Potential Andriol side effects may include:


  • Androgenic events like skin issues or acne outbreaks, or an acceleration of balding in those who are genetically at-risk
  • Estrogenic events like the development of breast tissue on men (gynecomastia), fluid and fat retention
  • Virilizing effects in female users, including a change in voice and facial features, accentuated body hair growth and clitoral enlargement
  • A reduction, or complete cessation, in endogenous hormone production that can persist for a time after supplementation has ceased


While the chances of the above occurring are relatively small compared to more potent agents, there is still a possibility. So, you should be on the lookout for the above issues in case they occur, so you aren’t caught by surprise and can enjoy an efficient and comfortable phase of use.

Andriol 40 MG Testocaps For Sale Just for $40  

As mentioned in the above sections, if you’re looking for any Andriol Testocaps for sale you will most likely need to get them from online vendors such as this website.


Here, you can buy Andriol through an electronic purchase order and pay for it electronically too. Then, we simply send it to you quickly and discreetly so you can begin to implement it into your diet. 

Package30 capsules (40 mg/capsule)
SubstanceTestosterone Undecanoate
Common nameAndriol

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