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100mg/ml Nandrolone PhenylPropionate

Nandrolone Phenylpropionate: Get Yours Legally at

So, you’re here because you’re considering using the NPP steroid; you’re actually one of an increasing number of people who are currently looking to utilise it after a recent resurgence that saw its availability skyrocket again. It can be pretty tough to get hold of being that it is now only available via “alternative” market sources - it used to be fairly commonly available but production was eventually discontinued and the more popular enanthate version took over.

Luckily, buying nandrolone phenylpropionate is super easy thanks to our online store - we’ll tell you all about how you can source it a little later down the line. This product represents one of the best choices out there for an experienced anabolic user to get their hands on; provided you control your cycle in an effective and responsible manner you can make some awesome gains. Ready to find out a little more? Simply read on…

Buy Nandrolone Phenylpropionate (Durabolin) Injection

It’s not difficult to buy durabolin injections from us safe in the knowledge that we’re providing you with the highest-quality product available on the market for the fairest price possible. We’re going to make one thing perfectly clear; we don’t like seeing cowboy websites ruining everyone’s time. It’s hard enough to find the products you’re looking for at a decent price, but sadly that’s often just the start of the complexities involved with securing them. We ensure you’re always able to get hold of the finest durabolin 100 - and thanks to our amazing manufacturer sources, that’s always going to be what you get. Your safety and satisfaction are paramount.

NPP vs. Trenbolone for Your Muscle Mass

Before you leap in and buy nandrolone phenylpropionate, you do actually have several other options at your disposal for the purpose of mass gaining. It’s a well-known fact that the almighty trenbolone is one of the most highly desirable anabolic agents out there - it’s considered by many to be the “perfect” growth instigator. You’re probably thinking at this point that this must be the only sensible option to go for; but you’re no doubt ignoring the enormous differences between deca and tren, not to mention the unique positive traits the former has to offer if that’s the case.

Typically, anyone looking for nandrolone for sale isn’t doing so with a view to making progressive, “fluff” free gains - they want a hard-hitting injection of enhanced size at the cost of a little extra water. This isn’t a “soft” or subtle compound, it’ll hit you hard and give you almost immediately noticeable results, and if you’re an experienced bulker; this is likely going to be exactly what you need. Tren, on the other hand, is going to deliver cleaner but less noticeable gains - you won’t get the same instant gratification effect that you will with npp steroids, but if you’re prepared to show a little patience you’ve got a really viable way of gaining lean mass on a bulk and an incredible way to protect it whilst cutting.

It’s incredibly unlikely that you’ll be able to use deca effectively as part of a cut; it’s resigned to being a bulking agent first and foremost (that isn’t to say that some haven’t tried cutting with it - it just isn’t recommended unless your nutrition practices are near perfect.) Where the two seriously differ is in their adverse effect potential - trenbolone is seriously harsh and shouldn’t be used by anyone without prior anabolic experience. Deca, in comparison, is very mild and easily controllable.

100 mg of durabolin is going to have a high impact on your overall size, but without the same level of potential stress you may face when using tren. It also has to be noted that whilst you’re likely to hold extra water etc., you can control your fat and fluid retention via eating as cleanly as possible during and post cycle. This will also help you to protect your gains. Many negative elements that would typically “tie-in” with a bulk phase can often be masterfully controlled via nutrition! This is something to keep in mind when using a “dirtier” steroid - many of the negative effects experienced by others could have been largely down to them having a seriously unclean diet.

NPP Post Injection Pain

Npp has been associated with being fairly painful to administer. There are a number of factors as to why this may be, and sadly there’s not going to be a one size fits all answer to cater for the issue at hand. A main catalyst to consider in regards to why nandrolone phenylpropionate can be more painful to inject for some people is because of its rapid-acting formation. This product has a higher concentration of the active compound per shot when compared to the variant with a longer half-life. This simply means it enters the system more rapidly, and as a result, you’re going to face increased “activity” at the administration site. When you use a slower absorbing variant, the prolonged release means that your body doesn’t have to “handle” quite as much at once. Shorter acting compounds can simply cause a bit of a shock to the system on entry.

Another reason why durabolin 100 may cause you pain could legitimately be due to you injecting improperly and hitting a blood vessel or any other structural element of the body whilst injecting. Before plunging your compound in you should always check to see if you’re able to draw blood first as its presence would indicate that you’d hit a vein. That’s no good and is definitely going to lead to pain and discomfort.

A couple of other factors include the compound being impure - which luckily you’ll never have to worry about when shopping at - or you might actually be genetically intolerant to the substance. This latter scenario is unlikely, and you’d probably find out in a VERY potent manner that this was the issue as a result of you experiencing negative traits that would far surpass mere discomfort at the injection site - your symptoms would be much worse.

Regardless, a little discomfort and superficial “upset” is to be expected the first couple of times you inject a new compound; only when these symptoms continue and even worsen should you begin to show serious concern. If any harsh swelling or pain continues past the first or second injection, you really need to consult with a GP for further advice. Should you be unlucky enough to be intolerant to the compound as a whole and show seriously adverse side effects, i.e., extreme vomiting, dizziness and nausea - don’t hesitate to visit your GP immediately.

NPP Cycle Results

Overall, you’re likely to have an immensely pleasant time when cycling with nandrolone phenylpropionate – it’s easy to “tame” and it delivers respectable gains in size. You won’t slam on size in the same fashion as you would with anadrol; it’s much cleaner in comparison, yet isn’t as clean as a product like trenbolone that’s going to lead to more progressive gains. It’s somewhere in the middle of the road, which for many people makes it absolutely perfect. It’s also great in terms of recovery and ensuring that your joints are able to continuously function at their optimum level - this ability to assist with recovery is one of the primary reasons why it has become so popular in the medical field.

Npp steroids come in a couple of different forms. This phenylpropionate variant is better suited to an experienced user being that it requires regular administration and ultimately releases more active compound per shot. It’s basically a little “harsher” whilst still being a respectable, safe option in the grand scheme of things. Nandrolone is incredibly popular for good reason; there aren’t many products that can facilitate mass gains, recovery and safety in quite the same manner. It’s a fantastic all-rounder for anyone looking to get bigger.

Compare Side Effects: NPP vs. Deca

There’s no doubt that the phenylpropionate variant is less common than the well-known decanoate product; you’re aware of some of the variations between them (higher injection frequency) so you might be thinking that decanoate is the right choice to move forwards with - but you could be wrong. You’ll find that the better-known format requires a much longer cycle length of 16-20 weeks due to its long lasting nature - it’s also associated with a higher level of water retention.

You might not consider the water retention to be an issue, but the cycle length certainly is; even with the appropriate cycle therapy in place, 16-20 weeks is a very long exposure time. Your risk of adverse effects will certainly be higher. Don’t buy npp steroid from any random Internet retailer - shop with 120kgs to ensure you don’t face any of the injection issues mentioned in the “injection pain” section. We’ll always have the highest quality durabolin 100 for sale.

Package 1 vial (10 ml/vial)
Manufacturer Valkyrie Pharmaceutical
Substance Nandrolone Phenylpropionate 100 mg/ml
Common name Durabolin

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