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Bacteriostatic Water as a Diluent for Steroids

Bacteriostatic water is too often an overlooked product that can be very useful for athletes and bodybuilders who are using chemicals to boost either their appearance or capabilities during competition. 

Its roots are primarily in medical and research-based use as a sterile solvent in which different drugs can be mixed, or as a means of suspending certain substances in an injectable solution. 

However, it is exactly this reason why many athletes, aesthetic or competitive, may find themselves buying bacteriostatic water for injection. It offers a convenient, sterile and low-cost way of mixing, or perhaps more importantly diluting, products that they’re going to inject during their respective training and competition phases. 

Bacteriostatic Water is different than simple sterile water. Where the latter is simply boiled or treated to eliminate harmful chemicals, the former contains added benzyl alcohol, in order to ensure no bacteria can survive witching it, making it a more reliable source of diluent. It also lowers the risk of certain issues associated with poor administration of drugs like anabolics, such as injection site infection. 

Below, we take a look at how a user can employ the use of Bacteriostatic Water into their regime to get the most out of its use. 

How To Use Bacteriostatic Water for Injection?

Including the above-mentioned Bacteriostatic Water 10 ml vial into one of your programs is relatively easy and straightforward. 

If you’re using it as a means of mixing multiple products into a single solution for more convenient, and less frequent, administration, all you need to do is draw the Bacteriostatic Water with a sterile syringe and needle, and place it in a sterile, empty vial. You can then do the same with your desired anabolics. Be careful to both mix and store the newly mixed vial appropriately. 

If you’re looking to use it to dilute a given formula, all you have to do is either repeat the above-mentioned steps with only one product and the water or, if there is room in the vial, you can draw the water and inject it into the vial that already contains the chemical you’re looking to dilute. Just make sure you pay attention to the concentration, both new and old, of your product. 

Package 1 vial (10 ml/vial)
Manufacturer Hilma Biocare
Substance Bacteriostatic Water For Injection
Common name Water For Injection

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