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DOSAGE : 50mg/ml Oxymetholone 

Rapid Gains With Anadrol

If dianabol was an AK-47, you could consider anadrol as somewhat of a rocket launcher (or even nuclear missile.) It’s about as subtle as a sledgehammer, but that’s what makes it so fantastically effective for those wanting to make rapid mass gains within a short frame of time.

When you buy oxyject 50, you’re not looking for something to slowly wean you into progressive gains in size that you’ll slowly see evolve week after week; you’re looking for something that’s going to have an absolutely astounding impact on your size and strength gains to the extent that you make more progress in a 48 hour period than some compounds can offer you over the course of a few weeks.

This is a serious product for serious bodybuilders or athletes, and it needs to be used in a somewhat specialist manner if you’re going to achieve the maximum benefit of the effects it has to offer. Read on to find out everything you need to know in order to maximise the effects of anadrol and slam on some mutant scale mass.

Buy Anadrol 50 (Oxymetholone) Online at a Low Price

Whether you’re looking to buy anadrol 50 - or any other anabolic agent - let take the reigns and deliver the smooth, effective and safe cycle you need to ensure optimum results.

We’re now going to answer the question “how much does anadrol cost?” and let you know that you can pick it up from as little as the 50 euro mark - we don’t believe that having access to the highest quality substances should come at rip-off prices. We like to offer you the best products for a price that’s fair so that as many people as possible can have access to the cycle they deserve.

Oxymetholone is going to come in all manner of different quality grades depending on where you shop at - we’re not going to beat around the bush here and state that there’s no point in spending hours online pouring over endless search results. We’ve got the highest quality substances; we’ve got the fairest prices for them. There’s really no need to waste any time.

Anadrol 50 Results: Before and After

Buying anadrol online can result in some fairly remarkable changes taking place within a minimal time frame - in fact, that’s the aim of the game here. Some people worry about “quality” gains too much to risk using anything that’s going to come with a high risk of water retention (or joint swelling, etc.) associated with it; this is one substance where that mindset really need not apply. A series of oxymetholone injections over the course of 4 weeks could see you gain as much as one pound per day - there’s really nothing else out there that can compare with this rapid gain potential in quite the same manner.

Make no mistake; this is a DIRTY compound. Your gains are going to be far from the cleanest out there, but this is going to be one of the absolute best ways to kick start a cycle before tapering into less drastic substances and protecting/continuously developing your gains accordingly. If you can stomach the risk of water retention and the fact that not all of the weight you’re going to gain will be lean muscle; you’ve got the perfect recipe for bulking in this substance. We’ll touch a little more on how best to use anadrol shortly.

Don’t shop around for liquid anadrol for sale when you can find the best quality on offer here - if you’re serious about results, you should also be serious about where you source your products.

Dosages: The Best Choice for Bodybuilders

Taking a series of oxymetholone injections to achieve maximum effect is actually a bit of a fine art and requires strategic planning in order to safely execute a smooth cycle. When you purchase anadrol 50, you need to plan for a four-week cycle (6 if you’re highly experienced and tolerant) based on injecting once per day. You’re also going to have to consider your dosing too - realistically speaking you want to be using 100 mg per day to achieve maximum benefit with inexperienced users needing to stray towards 50 mg for safety purposes.

Note that if you’re experienced with other substances this doesn’t by default mean that you have an innate tolerance for this one - it’s a powerful compound that needs to be treated with appropriate respect and care. Stick with the minimum dosage on your first run, and you can consider upping it on future cycles. When you buy oxymetholone online you should already know what level you’re at so that you can acquire the relevant amount - a cycle should never be cut short due to not budgeting for enough of your chosen item. It’d just be a waste of its effects and you’d lose money you couldn’t get back.

Oxymetholone Cycle Length

This part is seriously important - you’re going to need to use anadrol for a much, much shorter time frame than most other compounds due to it’s highly potent nature. Oxymetholone 50 mg actually starts to diminish in effectiveness on average after a four-week period - this means if you run over this maximum cap, you may just waste money, and of course, you’re going to have to bear the brunt of a very high adverse effect risk due to prolonged exposure. Don’t consider where to buy anadrol online unless you’ve first considered how it should actually be used - it’s really not an ideal compound for a beginner, nor is it an ideal “one-stop” compound to cater for your every need.

This is first and foremost a precursor agent unless you happen to be an athlete who competes in a sport where weight is completely irrelevant in conjunction with appearance - otherwise it needs to be used to deliver an initial surge of muscle growth that you can then protect and “nourish” with other substances after the initial four-week period. All things considered, the anadrol 50 price provides you with great value for money if you’re in need of some serious size gains and aren’t worried about a little “fluff” in the initial stages of your bulk.

Common Side Effects

Every anabolic agent carries with it a risk of adverse side effects taking place - if you’re looking for a “perfect” steroid that doesn’t carry any adverse effects with it; you’re going to be sadly disappointed. At this point, you need to consider that the anadrol cycle cost is going to be absolutely nothing in comparison to the cost to your health if you don’t follow dosage guidelines and safe practice procedures.

Oxymetholone is going to deliver some harsh effects on your body if you don’t use cycle treatment like nolvadex to keep your oestrogen level in check. Being totally honest, you can use all of the effective supplements in the world (including milk thistle by the way - you’ll need that to protect your liver as a bare minimum, ideally an even stronger liver protectant), but that doesn’t guarantee that you won’t face any effects whatsoever.

Look out for the following whilst on cycle:

  • The development of drastic estrogenic ailments including gynecomastia and excessive water retention
  • Severely swollen joints that seem to hold a lot of extra fluid and are painful to use
  • Occasional or frequent headaches varying in intensity
  • A general feeling of being unwell or “sick”

Should any of the above symptoms develop in a potent manner you absolutely must approach a medical professional for guidance in regards to what you’re going to need to do to counteract them. Never rely on “bro” advice or online forums to pull you through - it could be the fastest route to disaster. Whether you use 50 mg of anadrol injection or 100 - you’re equally as likely to face adverse effect risk depending on your cycle therapy supplementation and individual genetics. Keep a keen eye out for these side effects.

How to Purchase Anadrol with Moneygram or Western Union

You’ll find the best oxymetholone 50 mg for sale here at and we’ll now tell you a little about how to secure your vials safely and discretely. Start by heading to the home page and typing in “anadrol” into the search bar - this will yield a plethora of results for the category. From here, select “oxyject 50mg/ml” as your product choice and add it to your basket.

You can now process payment via Moneygram, Western Union or Bitcoin and receive your package safely and discretely. We’re hands-down going to offer the best price for injectable anadrol anywhere - it’s going to feel great never having to go through the monotony of those irritating “where can you buy anadrol 50” internet searches in the hope that you’ll find the best version available and looking for hours in vain.

We’ve got it here, and soon you can have the best of the best anadrol delivered discreetly to you too. It’s just one click away - all you have to do now is enjoy your cycle!

Package 1 vial (10 ml/vial)
Manufacturer Valkyrie Pharmaceutical
Substance Oxymetholone 50 mg/ml
Common name Anadrol, Oxyject

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