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Letrozole For Total Estrogenic Protection

When it comes to cycle safety, you’re going to find that some items are great for simply “moderating” your estrogen levels, whereas others are designed to pretty much obliterate them all together in an emergency-situation. Letrozole 2.5mg pills come under this latter category. You may also consider running a letrozole cycle to enhance your “dryness” in the lead up to a show, but this is an advanced administration technique that should only be adopted by highly experienced users. Ready to find out more about this awesome product? Read on…

Letrozole For Post Cycle Therapy

Those who choose to run particularly harsh stacks consisting of some of the more “potent” substances out there are at medium to high risk of facing adverse issues as a result. Letrozole in post cycle therapy has become quite commonplace (as well as being used intra cycle) - not everyone comes “off” their chosen products in an unscathed fashion, and sadly conditions like gynecomastia may actually have set in at (or before) this stage.

Should this happen, you’ve really got only two options at your disposal. Firstly, you can try to revert the problem, but this is going to require something a little more powerful than your standard nolvadex type estrogen modulators. At this stage, you’d need something to come crashing down hard on your hormone levels and “attack” the issues you were experiencing in order to suppress them. This is really where letro shows its “muscles” and does just that in a scenario like this. Should this not work, surgery would be your second choice - ultimately, though, you stand a high chance of reversing your problems with this well loved treatment.

Letrozole Dosages For Bodybuilding

Letrozole 2.5mg pills come ready to use in a single pill format. Most users are going to find that 2.5mg per day is more than enough to combat any estrogenic symptoms that may have manifested. Others choose to take 0.5mg every other day, and realistically this is way more than enough to satisfy the needs of an individual using performance enhancing anabolics. Letrozole dosages rarely go higher than this 0.5mg range save for its integration as a “hardener” during the final two week period of a cutting phase where it may be taken in 1 mg doses.

Doses in this 1mg range are WAY high, and most people would never need to venture into that range - those who do should be aware that they do so entirely at their own risk. Before grabbing this product, ask yourself the question “how much do I need to take letrozole for post cycle therapy?” because you may simply need a standard treatment like nolva if you haven’t actually witnessed any physical symptoms manifest.

How to Take Letrozole on Cycle

When your letrozole 2.5mg tablets arrive, all you need to do is open the box - they’ve all been separated according to exact 2.5mg concentration doses. Pay close attention to the relevant letrozole dosage for pct (or intra cycle use) as listed above before performing a letrozole cycle –- otherwise, you may experience adverse issues. You’ll find that letrozole in PCT is a truly effective product for helping you get through what would have otherwise been a pretty rough patch.

Package50 tablets (2.5 mg/tablet)
ManufacturerMR Pharmaceutical
Common nameLetrozole, Femara

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