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What Is It?

Known in medical and chemistry circles as Oxandrolone, this drug is, like similar substances such as Masteron, an offshoot of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Because of this, many of the effects are similar to its DHT counterparts. It is an oral steroid, with chemical modifications at certain points with the addition of certain chemicals, like carbon, to the substance's structure, allowing it to be metabolised orally and pass through the liver safely. This process is known as c17-alpha-alkylation.

It is also modified by the replacement of a carbon molecule with an oxygen molecule, which allows for a separation anabolic and androgenic profile, which has an impact on both the adverse effects of the drug and it's strength. There are a few unique benefits to this drug that place it slightly above other substances and make it a great performance-enhancing drug for

certain phases of training or for specific training goals.

Best Place to Buy Anavar Online

Conventional Anavar 20 branded oxandrolone was discontinued in the late 20th century. However, there are still sources available where the drug can be purchased. It is important to note that this substance is still available in most countries, like the USA, from medical professionals. But this is only the case if you are suffering from severe illness such as HIV, Hepatitis or recovering from debilitating surgery or injury. So, if using this drug for performance-enhancing reasons, the fastest and easiest way to obtain it is to buy oxandrolone online from vendors like this one.

When purchasing this substance online, it is essential to find a high-quality source to ensure you obtain all the benefits it can afford. As such, finding the best place to buy Anavar online can be tough. Fortunately, you can find high-quality oxandrolone for sale here for the price of €66, which will provide 50 doses of 20 milligrams. This should be enough for 1-2 cycles for most male athletes and may be sufficient for double the time for female competitors who want to obtain its performance-enhancing benefits.

What Is Anavar Used for In Bodybuilding

Oxandrolone tablets are commonly used in bodybuilding for maintaining muscle mass during cutting cycles when the objective is to reduce fat as much as possible while retaining muscle. This is due to the relatively weak anabolic effect of the drug. Despite its high anabolic rating, this substance, like its DHT counterparts Winstrol or Masteron, does not make for an effective drug in gaining large amounts of muscle for most male athletes. This is partly because it also has a low androgen profile. But this aspect of the drug is also what makes it an ideal drug to maintain muscle mass when cutting weight and fat and a good choice for female athletes.

This is because there is a much lower chance of virilisation, which is the development of male traits such as a deep voice, squaring jaw or facial hair. Another unique benefit to buying Anavar 20 is that this drug may have a more direct effect on reducing fat by decreasing thyroxine-binding globulin, which can raise metabolism by allowing more free thyroid hormones to act.

So, the most common use for this drug is in cutting cycles. However, it can also be used in lean bulking cycles when looking to maximise lean muscle growth while minimising water retention. But this use is less common.

Side Effects

As mentioned above, because this substance has a low androgen profile, it has a lower risk of side effects like virilisation. It is also non-estrogenic, meaning side effects such as water retention and high blood pressure. However, higher doses will still bring a slight risk of androgen-related side effects like acne or virilisation. Also, while like all c17-alpha-alkylated (c17aa) steroids, it carries the risk of stressing and damaging the liver, it doesn’t have as stressful an impact on the liver as other c17aa drugs.

In fact, up to 20-milligram doses can be taken without any significant liver stress being carried out. But, increasing doses above this point causes a subsequent increase in liver stress and increased risk of liver damage, which has occurred in rare cases. It is also a non-aromatizable oral steroid, meaning it will cause a decrease in HDL (good) cholesterol and an increase in LDL (bad) cholesterol, which increases the risk of atherosclerosis, necessitating a heart-healthy diet when using the drug.

This decrease in HDL cholesterol is between 30-50%, depending on the dose, and the increase in LDL cholesterol is usually around 30-35%. Also, like all steroids, it will reduce your body’s testosterone, which means supplementing this drug with testosterone is usually a good idea to keep testosterone high. Again, this effect is not as severe as other steroids and usually varies from 45-60% reduction depending on the dose taken.

Overall, this substance is one of the most side-effect friendly steroids for both male and female competitors, with very high doses (>20mg for women and >40 mg for men) required to elicit negative health effects. It is worth considering that none of the above side effects are set forever and will disappear once use of the drug is discontinued.

Dosages for Bodybuilding

The dosage of Anavar pills in bodybuilding depends on the gender of the bodybuilder as well as the cycle they’re currently in and the cycle goals they are trying to reach. For use in therapy for a variety of illnesses, the usual dosage used is 5-10 mg. This dose is also a common recommendation for female bodybuilders who want performance-enhancing benefits without the risk of virilisation during lean bulking cycles or cutting cycles.

For male bodybuilders, higher doses of around 20-30 mg have been common recommendations for cutting cycles. For lean bulking cycles, a slightly higher dose again of around 40mg could further help increase lean mass gains. Because higher doses may sometimes be necessary for performance-enhancement, price will become a significant issue with this drug. So, below, we will also be looking at how to buy Anavar online as well as analysing the Anavar 20mg prices to ensure you can find the best deal when looking for high-quality oxandrolone.

Cycle for Beginners

If you’re looking at beginning a cycle with Oxandrolone, it is advisable to wait until you are carrying out a cutting cycle, where the goal is maintaining lean muscle as much as possible when reducing weight and fat. This will allow you to begin with a small dose, ~10 mg if female and ~30 mg if male, to start off, which will minimize side effects and improve your cut. Then, after use in a few cutting cycles, begin including it in lean bulking cycles if desired at a slightly higher dosage to promote lean muscle gain and minimize water weight when gaining weight.

Also, when beginning any steroid use, it is important to make sure you buy real Anavar 20, to ensure you attain all the above benefits. As mentioned, this site has high quality Anavar for sale that can be included in your cutting or lean bulking cycle.

What to Stack Anavar With

When using Anavar in 20 mg pills, it is of limited value if taken alone, due to the suppression of natural testosterone production and the relatively weak anabolic effect on muscle gains in men. So, this is why the drug is often taken in combination with other anabolic substances, known as a “stack”. When “stacking” this drug during a cutting cycle, it is best combined with simple esterified testosterone, such as testosterone propionate, cypionate or enanthate.

However, stacking with other low androgen substances such as Masteron or Primobolan alongside testosterone or with “cutting drugs” like clenbuterol, which helps raise metabolism, is also common. Though it is unknown if stacking with these additional drugs will provide any more benefit. So, when looking to buy Anavar, keep in mind that it may be best utilized alongside other drugs like testosterone. For this reason, this website offers a good site to order Anavar online as it offers a host of other anabolic drugs that can be purchased from here alongside this substance.

Purchase Cheap Anavar Online

As stated, it can be very difficult for healthy individuals, and nearly impossible for athletes, to find Oxandrolone for sale from conventional vendors like pharmacies. However, this site offers Oxandrolone at 20 mg for sale. You can buy Anavar here with a credit card and have it delivered to your home quickly and easily.

The Oxandrolone for sale on this site is available through 20 mg of Anavar per pill, with each container holding 50 pills. This means that you can purchase cheap and high-quality versions of this drug with ease directly from this site to help you reach your cutting or lean bulking goals.

Package 50 tablets (20 mg/tablets)
Manufacturer MR Pharmaceutical
Substance Oxandrolone
Common name Oxandrin, Anavar

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