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What Is It?

This compound is quite well renowned in the sporting and aesthetic groups. Also known as methandienone or methandrostenolone, this substance is an offshoot of testosterone. This means it naturally carries a large muscle-building profile and is useful for gaining muscle and strength. However, this compound is very special in that it has been chemically modified to have a lower androgen profile by the addition of a double bond between the Carbon 1 and 2 points. It is also c17-alpha-alkylated, meaning it has been changed by adding a methyl group to the 17th carbon position.

This allows it to be taken through oral ingestion, but this is also one of the few drugs that are also c17-alpha-alkylated even when it’s injected. The lower androgenicity of this substance, along with a lower affinity for binding proteins, can prevent the active hormones from being bound and made inactive. This creates a strong drug that has a host of performance-enhancing benefits and a somewhat lower risk of side effects, though some adverse effects are still very much present due to a number of unique reactions this steroid has in the body. Overall, this is a unique performance-enhancing drug that has a number of perks and drawbacks with a definite place in certain phases of training, like in bulking cycles.

The Best Place to Buy Dianabol Online Cheap

When looking for Dianabol for sale, it is important to note that this chemical is particularly difficult to find along conventional avenues like pharmacies and from medical professionals in the US and similar places. This is because Dianabol 20 mg doses were discontinued in the late 20th century after all forms of the drug were pulled by the FDA due to limited use in therapy for a number of conditions relative to other substances and little justification for its existence outside of performance-enhancement.

Despite this, Dianabol or “Dbol” has remained one of the most mainstream substances on the underground market and has led to the majority of athletes looking to order Dianabol online. This leads to the majority of aesthetic athletes considering where to buy Dbol online. So, below, we look at how this drug works, along with its effects, before discussing places where it can be purchased.

How Does It Work?

When looking to buy Dianabol online, it is essential to first know how the drug works in order to better understand where and when it should be included in training, along with what drugs, if any, it could be included with. Dbol 20 mg pills work in a similar fashion to other similar agents, working through androgen receptors in the muscle cells and boosting muscle protein production and reducing muscle protein breakdown.

So, the higher dose will further help increase hypertrophy and strength performance levels while slightly reducing some potential adverse effects. The double bond also allows the drug to have a longer half-life, which means the drug lasts longer in the body. All of these make for a particularly strong agent that is effective for gaining weight and strength quickly and offers a highly synergistic effect when used with other mass gaining drugs, like testosterone.

Also, because the drug is so available, this makes buying Dianabol for cheap relatively easier than purchasing other performance-enhancing drugs for a low price. This low price and the above effects makes the drug a very popular choice for bodybuilders to take during bulking cycles.

How Much Muscle Can You Gain With Dianabol

Before you order Dbol tablets, it is important to know what to expect when using the drug, so it is properly implemented when training. As mentioned above, this drug is particularly strong and fast-acting. This means that a good amount of muscle can be gained, even at a relatively low dose. Research has demonstrated that over 1 pound of lean muscle mass per week can be gained from this drug alone. This makes it an especially powerful drug because, as mentioned above, it is usually taken alongside other mass -building supplements like testosterone or Deca-Durabolin.

The relatively powerful nature of this drug is also an important consideration when asking how much does Dianabol cost, as it can limit the amount of secondary drugs you will need to buy to maximize the result of your cycle. However, as stated previously, this drug can also have its share of side effects. So, it is a good consideration to find a good place to buy Dianabol at 20mg irrespective of cost. These side effects, and the cycles for which this substance can be used in, are further discussed below.

Dianabol Cycle For Beginners

As mentioned above, Dbol steroid pills are very common in bodybuilding and athletic training cycles and highly available on the underground market through online vendors. However, before focusing on where to get Dianabol online, it is essential to know, if you’re a beginner or new to using performance-enhancing drugs, how to incorporate the drug into your training cycle and which type of cycle the drug is best suited for. The fast-acting and highly anabolic nature of this substance means it is ideally suited for bulking cycles. It is particularly useful at the start of bulking cycles and when hitting a plateau in strength or muscle mass gains.

This drug does not have the versatility of drugs like Anavar or testosterone though, as the estrogen-related effects mean it can cause some fat and water weight gain. So, it will, not be appropriate for a cutting cycle or even good for a lean bulking cycle. As for dosing the drug, a small initial dose of 10-20mg per day in a single dose should provide a benefit to strength and lean mass. Once this has been completed for a cycle, larger doses can be attempted in the next cycle.

It should be considered that this drug is especially potent and may not need particularly high dosing. In fact, one study found only 5 mg to be just as an effective dose as 25 mg. However, this may not be the case for more advanced users. The drug should also be supplemented with an esterified testosterone to both maximize muscle growth and keep testosterone levels high during the cycle. It is essential to note that a minimum of 6-8 weeks should be allowed without the drug before using it in another cycle to prevent lasting liver strain or damage.

So, when you’re looking to buy Dianabol 20mg pills, keep in mind that this drug is best used early in a bulking cycle, or if you’re looking for a boost on strength or muscle mass during a stall in progress.

Possible Negative Side Effects of Dianabol

Dianabol side effects, while expected to be low because of its relatively mild androgenicity, does have some significant adverse effects. One of these is the highly estrogen-like effects. These effects stem from the conversion of the methandrostenolone to the more potent form of estrogen, 17-alpha-methylestradiol, which contributes to fat and water weight gain. This also means there is a risk of developing high blood pressure, which is compounded by the fact that, because this drug is a direct offshoot of testosterone, it will have a detrimental effect on HDL (good) cholesterols and can promote LDL (bad) cholesterol. But, this effect should be relatively mild if the drug is allowed aromatize to estrogen.

Also, because Dianabol can be converted to a more potent form of dihydrotestosterone, it also has a larger risk of androgen-related side effects than expected, which, unlike other drugs, cannot be prevented with inhibitors like finasteride (a 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor). This means that virilisation in women (the development of male traits like a deep voice or a rise in clitoral size among other effects), acne or an increased risk of balding in genetically predisposed men are all very possible, particularly using Dbol 20mg pills.

The c17-alpha-alkylation also means it will place stress on the liver whether injected or taken orally. The drug will also suppress natural production of testosterone, making the addition of this drug to a cycle where the substance is used highly preferable. Dianabol 20mg is also a large dose for a beginner, though it should be mentioned that studies have used doses as high as 100 mg per day in athletes. So, higher doses can clearly be tolerated, but this will all but guarantee a high occurrence of side effects.

Nevertheless, adverse effects are still possible at a 20 mg dose. So, ensuring a cholesterol-friendly diet, including Estrogen-Receptor Inhibitors such as Clomid, and regularly taking sustained breaks from using the drug are all recommended.

How to Get Legal Dianabol via Our Site

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Package 50 tablets (20 mg/tablet)
Manufacturer MR Pharmaceutical
Substance Metandienone, Methandienone, Methandrostenolone
Common name Dianabol, Dbol

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