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Purchase Winstrol (Stanozolol) Pills Online

Stanozolol pills, unlike many of its DHT-derived counterparts, is still available from some countries through conventional means such as pharmacies and medical suppliers. However, in the United States and many western countries, it is either unavailable or very difficult to obtain through the above avenues. Fortunately, however, if you need drugs like Winstrol 20 for performance-enhancing purposes or aesthetic use, you can buy Winstrol pills online.

This can also be a much more effective and cost-efficient means of acquiring the drug, as Stanozolol 20mg doses are not available in therapeutic forms of the substance. This leads to how the drug can be used to improve strength or lean tissue growth to optimise a training cycle for bodybuilding.

What Is It?

Sometimes known by the name Stanozolol, or less frequently by its chemical label of 17beta-Hydroxy-17methyl-5alpha-androstano{3,2-c}pyrazole, this subscription is another modification of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). However, as the chemical name suggests, this carries the unique modification of the replacement of the 3-keto chemical group at the A-Ring position of the steroid with a pyrazole group. This is alongside the usual c-17-alpha-alkylation change, which means a methyl chemical group is added to the 17th alpha carbon position to allow oral ingestion and metabolization.

This modification lowers the androgen profile of the drug while boosting its anabolic impact, similar to other modified DHT substances. This gives the drug some unique properties, particularly with regard to side effects and its potency, yet also makes its ideal use similar to other c-17-alpha-alkylated DHT drugs.

Winstrol in Bodybuilding and Sports

Stanozolol 20mg doses, along with higher intakes, have been commonly used by bodybuilders and athletes. In fact, it is the infamous drug that Olympic sprinter Ben Johnson was caught and disqualified for in the 1988 Seoul Games. This is because of this drug’s longer-than-normal half-life, meaning it lasts longer in the body, its relatively high anabolic activity is relative to a low androgenic profile, and its lack of estrogenic activity makes it an ideal drug for athletes who want to put on lean mass and strength while minimizing water and fat retention.

So, there are a number of reasons why many athletes may look to buy Winstrol (Stanozolol) to use to augment their training cycle. The drug can be taken as either an oral substance, which is usually the more popular option, or through injection. But, it is important to note that the injectable form of the drug is also c-17-alpha-alkylated, so it can also cause stress to the liver (see side effects section). So, below, we look at how the drug can be used along with its effects on the body before discussing Stanozolol tablets price and where you can purchase it.

Dosages During Cycles

Winstrol at 20mg per day is a common dose for the performance-enhancing drug. However, doses of up to 50mg per day have also been reported. So, before looking at Winstrol pills for sale, it is important to know what dose is ideal for different training cycles or for different training goals.

Bulking Cycles

During training cycles where the goal is to gain weight and maximize strength, this drug can be useful. However, it is only particularly of use during ‘lean bulking’, where the goal is to minimize fat and water retention and maximize lean mass. This is due to it’s lack of estrogen-related effects, which are found in other performance-enhancing substances like Dianabol or even Deca-Durabolin. It also has a very useful function of reducing Sex-Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG), which neutralizes anabolic substances like testosterone.

So, using slightly higher doses, that of 25-35mg, the drug can be useful in promoting muscle and strength during bulking cycles. However, it would have to be paired with drugs like testosterone and perhaps other agents, though this would increase the risk of adverse effects. This is often why it is chosen by strength and power athletes, like sprinters, who want to acquire more strength without fat or water weight accumulation.

Cutting Cycles

These type of training cycles, where the primary aim is to reduce fat while maintaining as much muscle as possible, is where the use of Winstrol is at its strongest. This is because the drug is one of the more anabolic substances that are not estrogenic or particularly androgenic. As such, it is commonly used in 20-25 mg doses along with either testosterone esters or a non-aromatisable anabolic substance like Trenbolone, to accelerate fat loss and maintain lean mass and strength.

However, this drug doesn’t seem to directly affect metabolism like other “cutting drugs”, meaning its use stems from its higher anabolic impact on the body. These uses must all be considered before considering the purchase of Winstrol tablets to ensure their proper use.

Winstrol Positive Effects

As mentioned, the Winstrol 20mg tabs above will offer a performance-enhancing effect on the body. This effect comes through the drug reacting with androgen receptors and other cell receptors in the body to increase protein synthesis and reduce muscle breakdown. However, this drug also has a number of unique effects. Firstly, it has been shown to decrease SHBG, which could allow a greater amount of testosterone to be free to act in the body, especially if supraphysiological doses are being used.

It also, unlike many anabolic drugs, promotes collagen synthesis, which is key in promoting healthy joints. This is an especially unique advantage for the drug, as the use of testosterone can cause muscles to grow at a disproportional rate to tendons or ligaments, increasing risk of injury. It has also been shown to reduce Thyroxine-Binding Globulin, which could, in theory, promote a higher metabolism. However, the same research also showed no change in Thyroid hormone levels, meaning it may not have any meaningful effect on metabolism.

Winstrol Adverse Effects

After examining the potential uses and positive effects of this drug, it is still important to consider any negative effects it may have before you order Winstrol online. Firstly, it should be noted that, like all related drugs, this substance can cause a drop in natural testosterone production, with studies showing it can reduce natural levels by around 55%. Also, because this drug does not aromatize, it has the potential to be more detrimental to cholesterol levels, with studies showing it can decrease HDL, or “good” cholesterol by 33% and increase LDL, or “bad” cholesterol by 29%. This can increase the risk of plaque build-up.

The c-17-alpha-alkylation also means it carries a risk of liver damage, with the modification causing the drug to place more strain on the liver. This also means that use of the drug should be limited to 6-8 weeks. There is also a documented case of kidney damage from the excessive use of the drug. However, this appears to be a rare occurrence. The drug can also have an anticoagulant effect and prevent blood clotting, which can cause other indirect medical complications. But this may make the drug useful in other circumstances. After looking at the effects of the drug, the next topic will be the Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) required after its use, before looking at where you could purchase Stanozolol and its price.

Winstrol And Post Cycle Therapy

Stanozolol 20, as mentioned above, can reduce natural testosterone production by over 50%. This effect can also be magnified over time and with increased dosages. This means that oral Stanozolol use at 20mg over as little a period as two weeks can have a medium-term to long-lasting effect on testosterone. This is especially true when considering that many athletes will combine other drugs alongside Winstrol.

This is because, when use of the drug, and any other accompanying substances, is ceased, it can take a while before natural testosterone is back up to initial levels. It can take up to 1-4 months until full recovery occurs. In order to speed up this process, a method known as Post-Cycle Therapy, or PCT is used.

This normally includes a drug known as Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin to help stimulate testosterone production in the testes, as well as estrogen receptor inhibitors, like clomiphene citrate, to further increase signaling from the brain to increase testosterone production. The use of PCT is more important if low-quality supplements are used, making high-quality choices a necessity. So, below, we look at where you might be able to find high-quality and cheap Winstrol tablets.

Winstrol For Sale at Our Website

Winstrol 20, as stated above, is very difficult to obtain through conventional vendors. Fortunately, sites like this one can provide Winstrol 20 for sale if you’re looking for performance-enhancing doses of this drug. Here, you can buy Winstrol pills with a credit card for a price of €43 for a container with 50, 20mg tablets and have it delivered to your home to offer a convenient method of obtaining the drug.

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