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Anabolic rating: 300

Androgenic rating: 100

Affinity for estrogen conversion: High

Oxymetholone: Structure, mechanisms of action and impact

Oxymetholone is one of the most potent anabolic agents available on the market. It was initially developed for the treatment of severe muscle wastage in HIV and cancer patients. However, its high potency with regards to tissue construction meant it soon found its way into the programs of aesthetic and performance-based athletes, and to a lesser extent, to recreational users trying to boost their progress in the gym.


In terms of its structure, it’s a DHT-based agent, with chemical adjustments including c-17-alpha-alkylation and double bonds added to its main structure. The result is an incredibly powerful and fast-acting drug, with users reportedly gaining up to 20 pounds in lean mass in only 3 weeks.


It is ingested orally and processed in the body, with the active ingredients binding with specific androgen receptors at specific cells. This causes a change in their signaling to elicit global effects, such as drastic increases in protein retention and production. A noted increase in red blood cell production is also characteristic of its use.


The DHT base of the chemical structure also means that, unlike some of its counterparts, Oxymetholone will not partially convert to estrogen, but some androgen-mediated effects are still possible and at a slightly greater frequency and potency as well.


The oral form of Oxymetholone means it will also be heavily processed by the liver. This, combined with its c-17-alpha-alkylation, can present some issues which are discussed in detail below.

Dangers and potential side effects

While being one of the most potent chemicals available on the market, it’s unfortunately also one of the heaviest hitting and riskiest in terms of undesirable effects.


As mentioned above, it’s an incredibly tough chemical, that is processed in part hepatically. This means that it is one of the most potent chemicals in terms of causing hepatic strain, showing a sharp rise in enzymatic activity associated with hepatic strain.


There is also a noted increase in water retention and fat gain alongside the lean tissue increase with its use, despite the lack of estrogen conversion due to the high levels of electrolyte retention, meaning it is not the most efficient of anabolics. Although, this rise in water retention also transfers in the joints, which may help reduce injury and help experienced athletes to train without any pain or in a more comfortable manner.


While there is no increase in estrogen levels, there is still progestational effects with its use, meaning issues like gynecomastia, while less common, are still likely with high or prolonged use.


There is also noted cases of mood changes, with an increased aggressivity. Although, some may see this as an advantage, as it may help them push through tough training sessions and increase their intensity in a given session.


Aside from these specific undesirable effects, there are also more general issues like a reduction in the body’s endogenous testosterone production, which can eventually lead to cessation and can persist even after its use has ceased.


Then, there are the cardiovascular-related issues like an increase in heart size, a reduced blood vessel wall plasticity, and an increase in blood pressure and unhealthy cholesterol levels, all of which can increase the chances of a cardiac event.

Doses and common uses and combinations

The potent and rapid-acting nature of Oxymetholone means that it is most commonly used for immediate and fast periods where large gains in lean tissue mass and strength is desired. So bulking phases is the primary, and almost exclusive, purpose of it. More specifically, it is often used as what’s called a “kickstarter” agent, to start gains faster in a given phase.


As a result, it is normally combined with other, similar anabolics, like Dianabol and Durabolin with a relatively long acting testosterone. It is also normally only recommended for more seasoned users of anabolics, who have already undergone a few phases of use with other, milder agents.


When considering the quantity to use, it goes without saying that recreational or athletic users will be employing a higher dose than those including it in a therapeutic or clinical regime.


Male users will generally use between 50 all the way up to 300 milligrams per day. Meanwhile, female users and beginners are advised to stay away from it completely. Its use is advised to last no more than for a period of 4 to 6 weeks, in order to prevent hepatic strain and long lasting issues. Close monitoring by a qualified medical professional should also be sought while using Oxymetholone.


Some have reported more tolerable and efficient results when starting out at a 50 milligrams dose each day and increasing the dose by 1 tablets, or roughly 50 milligrams each week, until reaching the desired amount. Once again though, the importance of a quality medical supervision can not be overemphasized.

Acquiring Oxymetholone

The popularity of Oxymetholone means that it has had more than its fair share of counterfeit and contaminated products passed off as the genuine article. This is often what has people confused about some of its effects, particularly its effect on estrogen levels and fluid rentention, as many of the contaminated or counterfeit counterparts.


This is generally due to a mix of methandienone being present in the mix that is being sold as pure Oxymetholone. That is why it is key to make sure you are getting your anabolics from a vendor that’s trustworthy and reputable.


This can easily be done by checking reviews and third-party review boards as to the quality of the products that they purchased from a given vendor and their experiences with each of them. This is often easier done with online vendors than bricks-and-mortar vendors, giving an advantage to these types of sellers. Also, being wary of unrealistically cheap products is always helpful, as it is highly unlikely you will get your hands on high-quality Oxymetholone for a very low price. 

Package100 tablets (50 mg/tablet)
ManufacturerHilma Biocare
Common nameAnadrol

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