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Primobolan: Is It For You?

You might never have come across primo before if you’re into bodybuilding as a man - but if you’re a woman this compound will quite possibly have become second nature to you by now, owing to its unique traits. This is a strange one - men can actually use it too, but in order to appropriately integrate it into a cycle, you’re going to have to be very selective about what you do with it. In fact, you could argue that it needs to be placed amongst your arsenal purely as a recovery and regeneration agent if at all.

As for women - this is hands down one of the best anabolic agents on the market and is easily in line with popular products like anavar owing to its mild and user-friendly nature. Before you decide whether or not to buy primobolan 100 online - read on to the end of this article and you’ll get a full run down of the pluses and minuses on offer here.

Best Place to Buy Primobolan 100 Injection Online

Being that you’re looking for a primo injection, we first need to point out that you’re either in the wrong place completely - or you actually know what you’re doing. This owes to the fact that this compound is perhaps better known as an oral steroid and simply goes by the name “primobolan” in this instance. What we’re actually looking at today is primobolan “depot”- the difference between the two is largely going to relate to the diminished risk of adverse effects taking place within the liver.

Regardless, you need to ensure you’re getting the best money can buy. No “run of the mill” compound is good enough when it comes to optimum health levels, and you need to ensure that you’re getting something highly effective and safe to use. This is why you’ve come to to find methenolone enanthate for sale - we’re an established name that’s become synonymous with quality and customer satisfaction owing to the fact we source from high-end manufacturers.

If you want 100 mg of methenolone enanthate, you’re going to get everything you’re looking for and more with us.

How to Use Primo for Bodybuilding

We’ll get to the worst bit first - primobolan is in no way going to be effective for you if you’re a male who wants to add size. We’re not talking about a lot of size here either; we’re talking even a marginal amount of lean mass. This just isn’t going to be the right substance for you under those circumstances. So, in terms of being a male bodybuilder - where does this substance fit into your arsenal if at all? Luckily, it will have some benefits that largely revolve around the cutting phase. If you’re going to buy a primobolan injection, it’s going to be in your best interests to place it amongst your cutting stack to assist with creating an anti-catabolic state within the system in order to protect your lean muscle mass.

During this “stripping” phase, calorie intake is going to be low, and you’ll face a serious risk of losing everything you’ve put on whilst bulking should your nutrition not be in check. Even if it is, you can’t guarantee that you won’t lose any muscle at all. As such, it can be highly beneficial to include a product like this in order to protect your gains. It goes above and beyond the means that maximum nutritional optimisation is capable of.

Many who look for methenolone for sale have heard of it before and therefore think immediately that it’s going to be a great mass builder of some kind. Now that you know it’s an “intricate” compound, intended for use in a strategic fashion; you’re at no risk of wasting your money. This, of course, is the case for male users, but female users are going to have a different kind of “journey” altogether when using primo. This product is easily one of the most effective on the market for delivering quality, lean gains for a female due to its mild nature.

It carries a very low risk of side effects taking place regardless of gender; what’s a man’s supplementary product is a woman’s go-to weapon of choice in this instance.

Results: Before and After

What you’re going to find at the end of a methenolone enanthate cycle in terms of results is largely going to depend on your expectations and gender, as well as how you implement it into your anabolic structure. If you’re a woman, you can expect to see respectable strength gains alongside some great quality lean mass gains - it could have a dramatic effect on your physique and overall, it’s going to be one of the best choices out there for the female anabolic user.

If you’re a guy wanting to use methenolone, you’re going to need to manage your expectations before taking it and understand that your primary benefit is going to be of an anti-catabolic nature whilst cutting, with some fairly decent strength gains thrown into the mix too.

As an assistive agent whilst cutting - it’s regarded as being a good protective agent and can stack quite well with other products.

If you use primobolan injections on their own in any capacity, again you’re going to have to consider why you’re using them. If you’re expecting awesome gains, then it’s incredibly likely that you’ll be disappointed with what you see. You could make marginal gains, but even that isn’t likely. If you’re using this product to protect lean tissue, on the other hand, you’re no doubt going to be a very happy customer.

Primobolan Only Cycle for Beginners

Due to its mild nature, primo 100 mg vials are a fairly common option for first-time “gear” users.

It’s understandable as to why being that whilst mild - it is still a marginally anabolic compound. Equally, though, it’s probably not going to be much use in this sense other than to “prime” your body for future compound use, or as part of a cut.

As we’ve previously mentioned, primobolan is a great choice for females and would be suitable for isolated use by a beginner. Men will need to start with a 300 mg per week dose initially (though the optimum range for those with tolerance would be 500-600 mg) whereas women should take 25-50 mg on their first cycle, and could go up to 100 as part of later cycles.

Buying 100 mg/ml injections of methenolone enanthate is incredibly simple thanks to the awesome online store at - we make securing your favourite compounds easy and stress-free.

Side Effects on Your Heart

Methenolone enanthate 100 mg vials should be purchased with the knowledge that this product is capable of having a negative effect on your heart due to the fact that it may raise your negative cholesterol levels. It’s unlikely that primobolan 100 is going to legitimately have this effect, but it’s still something you need to be acutely aware of so that you can safeguard against any adverse effects manifesting.

Don’t go searching for any primo steroids for sale unless you’re prepared to consume a diet that’s going to promote a healthy state of positive cholesterol release. This element of your self-care needs to be an absolute minimum as part of your cycle.

How to Order Primobolan Online at 120kgs Site

Don’t worry about where to buy primobolan injections anymore - we’ve got you covered here at 120kgs. You’ve got to make sure you purchase methenolone enanthate from an outstanding supplier like us in order to protect your health and maximise your gains - we actually care about the end result of our product use, whereas others are just going to grab your cash.

If you want to order methenolone enanthate online, simply head to our home page and type in “primobolan” into the search box. This is going to yield the result you’re looking for - after that, just basket it and process payment then you’re good to go! Provided you’ve thoroughly read through the list of effects primo has to offer, we’re absolutely sure that you’re going to have a positive time using it - whether male or female.

Package 1 vial (10 ml/vial)
Manufacturer Valkyrie Pharmaceutical
Substance Methenolone Enanthate 100 mg/ml
Common name Primobolan

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