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What Is It?

This substance is a natural aphrodisiac designed to help improve sexual functioning in both males and females but also has a number of other secondary medical uses. However, while this drug is in late human trials, scheduled for release in late 2017, and has been found to be safe for human consumption, it is still unavailable in commercial outlets. This drug acts through binding with a number of receptors in the body which regulate many functions, including sexual arousal, through affecting the central nervous system. But, unlike many other drugs used for sexual dysfunction, this peptide has a much smaller effect on the vascular system.

As such, this can be a very beneficial option for some bodybuilders or athletes using steroids, as they are at an increased risk of cardiac complications and problems whilst undergoing a cycle. It can also prove beneficial as many steroid users have found problems with sexual performance while using drugs. It may also be particularly useful for diabetic athletes or gym-goers because of the above benefits, though a qualified medical professional should always be consulted before a decision is made.

Buy PT-141 (Bremelanotide) Online

Because Bremelanotide cannot be found in mainstream pharmacies or drug stores, this means the only way to buy PT-141 is online. So, if you're having difficulty finding something that helps increase your libido or sexual performance, or if you're more prone to side effects from conventional drugs, consider buying PT-141. However, finding high-quality Bremelanotide can be difficult, and extra care must be taken not to obtain a falsely advertised or contaminated substance. Fortunately, you can buy high-quality Bremelanotide on this site in a 10 milligram vial and for a price of €38. From here, you can then have it delivered right to your address.

Choose Your Dosages

As with any drug, the PT-141 dosage required and taken is an essential consideration and should be taken into account before buying Bremelanotide. The Bremelanotide dose commonly used this far in the human trials that has been shown to be effective in treating sexual arousal is dose-dependent, with higher doses proving more effective and up to 20mg per day proving to be safe. However, care must be taken as higher doses also contain a higher risk of side effects. So, for some, lower doses may be more advisable than larger ones.

PT-141 (Bremelanotide) Side Effects

As indicated above, the PT-141 peptide works through activating melanocortin receptors in the body, which influence a number of responses. Because of this, there is a risk of side effects that are linked with these responses.

Negative effects of this substance can vary significantly and is dependent both on the dose taken and the individual. The list of PT-141 side effects are:

  • A general nauseous feeling - Because one of the functions of the receptors interacted with by this drug is hunger and appetite, this means it can have an adverse impact on these systems and cause an unwell or stomach paining sensation.
  • Nasal Congestion - Another possible function of the affected receptors is in influencing the immune system, which could explain the occurrence of this symptom with continued use.
  • Cold or flu-like symptoms - From the possible mechanisms mentioned above, higher doses may cause more severe cold symptoms and should be taken into account for those susceptible to viruses.
  • Hypertension or high blood pressure - While this may seem like a major drawback to this drug, as one of its main selling points is being cardiovascular-friendly, it needs to be mentioned that this side effect was one of the lowest occurring events, with similar substances, like viagra, showing a far higher incidence.
  • Headaches: Possibly linked to the impact on the nervous system and myalgia occurrence discussed below, medium and higher ranges of doses increase the risk of headaches.
  • Dizziness: One of the receptors associated with this substance influences motor control me movement, making this a possible reason for this event occurring at high doses.
  • Myalgia: Because the drug acts on the central nervous system at higher doses, this immediately increases the risk of myalgia, which is a sense of discomfort and hypersensitivity.

All of these possible events should be considered when looking to buy PT-141, while also noting that every drug or hormone carries with it a risk of adverse effects.

Package 1 vial (10 mg/vial)
Manufacturer Valkyrie Pharmaceutical
Substance Bremelanotide
Common name PT-141

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