MR-PHARMA Testosterone PhenylPropionate 150mg/ml

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MR Pharma’s Test Prop 150

You’ve gotta love test… not many compounds can offer you guaranteed and controllable results in conjunction with a minimal risk of problems arising in the process. Luckily for you, testosterone phenylpropionate will provide these positive facets and a great deal more.

We’re going to give you the lowdown on this popular product to ensure you don’t have to do any guess-work when it comes to deciding if this is the right compound for you or not.

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Testosterone Phenylpropionate 150 mg/ml Summary

When it comes to testosterone phenylpropionate results, you’ll achieve a number of positive enhancements, all of which are going to improve your aesthetics and internal workings in regards to helping you to progress your frame and power capacity.

One of the understated but fantastic positive elements this item has to offer is that it affects your internal processes in such a way that any other anabolic agents you’re currently taking will actually be utilised even more effectively by the body.

This comes as a result of an elevated level of free-running testosterone being present, and this will “bind” to other products, thus synergising with them to instigate a higher output of growth hormone than is normally possible.

Additionally, you’ll see increases in fat free tissue and your ability to lift heavy loads. This product is incredibly powerful when ingested in a fat stripping phase because it can actually protect your current power output and mass even though you may not be taking in many calories.

In regards to testosterone phenylpropionate dosage, users take anywhere between 400 - 1000 mg over the course of a week, often split across a couple of separate injections over a 7 day period.

It should go without saying that you’ll need to stick with the minimum dosage if you’re new to taking test in general and progressively work your way up.

Testosterone Phenylpropionate vs. Propionate: What’s the Difference?

Testosterone 150 mg ampules are presented in a plethora of different forms, and many of them simply aren’t the same as one another. Between test phenylpropionate and the normal propionate version, there is one distinct difference that the untrained eye may not notice.

Basically, testosterone pp lasts longer in the system and “digests” over a slower period, whereas the standard “P” version is faster acting and will require a higher administration frequency.

Testosterone propionate is worth your attention on a separate basis and may be better suited to novice users, but ultimately, it’s incredibly different to the version we’re currently assessing.

Benefits and Side Effects of Testosterone Phenylpropionate

There are a number of testosterone phenylpropionate side effects you’ll need to look out for when implementing this item, but luckily a lot of these problems will be countered by integrating nolvadex (or any other estrogen control agent) into your usage phase.

Testosterone pp 150 mg may cause hormonal production capabilities to be diminished when you come “off” it, and there is a risk of issues like headaches, nausea and even hypertension occurring when using any testosterone based product.

Ultimately, it has to be said that the benefits far outweigh the risks, and this is a solid and reliable product.

Package 1 vial (10 ml/vial)
Manufacturer MR Pharmaceutical
Substance Testosterone Phenylpropionate 150 mg/ml
Common name Testosterone Phenylpropionate, Testosterone Hydrocinnamate

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