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100mg/ml Testosterone Propionate 

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So, chances are that you already know a little about test by now; after all, it’s considered to be the “father” of all anabolic substances and a precursor to the majority of the modern products we have at our disposal today. It was originally introduced in a format that had to be administered on a pretty regular basis; as you no doubt already know, it can be a little irritating, to say the least, if you’re constantly having to “pin” up – especially if you have a hectic work or personal schedule. This annoyance factor hasn’t changed since the product’s inception way back in the 30’s.

As such, testosterone propionate was created by attaching an ester to the base compound that meant it digested at a much slower rate; thus making it far more user friendly. It went on to dominate the market for decades until medical science advanced and other compounds were released to cater to the plethora of needs the athletes and bodybuilders of the time had. Still to this day, test in any form is the measuring rod for all other products due to it's “perfect” rating of 100 in terms of the effect it has on the body.

Let’s check out some more of the benefits of this awesome product so that you can decide whether or not you need to buy testosterone propionate.

Test Prop 100 (Testosterone Propionate) Review

All in all, there’s little wonder why any and all test products are so incredibly popular; they’re just so user friendly. Testosterone p 100 is no different. What you’ll find when you purchase 100 mg of test prop is a versatile substance to cater for either your bulking or cutting needs and, manages to deliver the kind of quality strength and size gains you’re no doubt looking for whilst carrying a relatively low risk of adverse side effects.

Naturally; it’s down to you to ensure that you administer it in an appropriate fashion (as we’ll soon discuss) but rest assured that if you do – you’re going to enjoy one of the most effective and safe anabolic agents out there on the market.

Use of Test Prop in Bodybuilding

Testosterone has been used in a bodybuilding capacity for decades now and next to the medicinal uses this product is largely consumed for, it’s safe to say that performance (or appearance) enhancement is the next most popular “go-to” purpose of this compound.

In case you were wondering why this is the case; we’ll now enlighten you as to why this immensely popular product has gained such widespread notoriety over the years:

  • You will actually alleviate many of the issues associated with low libido (and even low energy) when using test – these elements can be an issue mid- cycle, especially when cutting

  • You stand to make respectable increases in your lean muscle mass development and strength

  • Your circulation should improve due to you benefitting from an enhanced red blood cell count whilst using testosterone propionate

  • Many users have reported an enhanced feeling of “well-being” and “contentment”

Overall, that’s a pretty substantial list of positive reasons to take test propionate – but when you consider the goals of any bodybuilder; this is when it's effectiveness and importance suddenly hits home in a vibrant manner. There’s not one element on the above list that isn’t going to benefit someone looking to improve their capacity within almost any physical realm – it’s simply an effective and highly versatile way of improving your body.

Cycle for Beginners

Before we take a look at safe administration, let’s consider your safe dosage parameters as part of a test prop cycle if you’re inexperienced or a complete beginner with this product. Though testosterone propionate 100 mg comes as a singular vial – this doesn’t mean that you’re supposed to use the whole ampule at once. You might think that anyone who would do that on their first cycle is crazy anyway (and you’d arguably be right), but it really has happened before.

As such, you’re going to need to ensure that you use the quantity that’s relevant to your current level of experience. Most beginners would typically use between 25 – 50 mg every other day as this is considered to be an incredibly safe dosage whilst still being effective at counteracting the negative traits of other anabolic substances. Even if you’re using propionate on its own – don’t be tempted to override the 50 mg maximum limit during your first cycle as your likelihood of facing adverse effects would increase dramatically.

As time goes on, you will, in fact, be able to use the optimum dosage of 100 mg every other day – but you need a cycle or two under your belt first.

How to Inject: Main Rules

O.K. so injecting isn’t kindergarten stuff; there’s a right and wrong way to do it, and you’re going to need to know the procedure in depth before you administer your test prop dosage for the first time. In order to inject testosterone safely, you’re first going to need to clean your chosen entry site (the glutes or quad muscles would be ideal) with an alcohol pad to sterilize the surface of your skin. Now, clean the surface of your vial and take your withdrawal syringe – withdraw an amount of air into the needle that directly correlates with the amount of the substance you’re about to administer. From here, insert the needle into the surface of the vial and “inject” the vial with the air to ensure the balance within the container is correct after the withdrawal of the substance.

Withdrawn your substance, and switch from your withdrawal needle to your administration needle. Firmly grasp the skin around the area of your chosen site, and insert your testosterone propionate injection slowly until the needle has disappeared into the muscle. Over the space of 30-60 seconds, slowly press down and allow the liquid to enter the muscle. Upon initial entry into the muscle, pull back on the plunger to ensure that no blood comes to the surface (you should only see air bubbles.) Do NOT inject should you see blood – you will have to start the procedure all over again as this means you’ve hit a vein.

These are the basics of a successful injection, and you’re going to need to adhere to these rules incredibly stringently if you’re going to have a safe, clean and smooth administration. Never inject in the exact same area twice within a 30-day period (choose a different area of the muscle group in question).

Before and After Training

Some users prefer to use test prop before or after their training session. The reasons for administrating at these periods vary, and many bodybuilders believe that each time frame holds individual merits. Should you choose to use testosterone propionate 100 before a training session, some believe that administering it into the muscle group being targeted on the day helps to promote an accelerated absorption rate into the body’s receptors.

On the other hand, some believe that injecting post workout can increase absorption due to the enhanced blood flow and nutrient uptake that comes after a challenging training session. Realistically speaking, there is no hard evidence to suggest that administrating at either period is going to increase absorption of the effectiveness of the product – the testosterone propionate price is the only element of purchasing the product that you’ll need to pay any attention to in conjunction with how to administer it safely. Just about everything else is speculation.

What time of day you choose to inject is largely irrelevant; just ensure you stick with that time slot the next time you administer it, and you’ll be fine.

List of Possible Side Effects

Propionate ester does come with the risk of a few negative effects taking place and it’s now time for you to digest them in depth so that you can look out for their manifestation whilst cycling. One of the main elements to look out for is the estrogenic properties of testosterone prop – you’re going to need to supplement with an anti-estrogenic agent to keep your estrogen levels in check on the whole whilst you’re using this product. Should you neglect to do so, you may encounter a negative impact on your health in the form of:

  • Gynecomastia development

  • Excessive storage of water underneath the surface of the skin

  • Vibrant mood swings

Should you take the relevant cycle therapy, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a smooth ride. You should also be aware that the following elements may occur in regards to your health in general too:

  • The development of acute baldness

  • Hair development in any and all areas of the body

  • Inexplicable blemishes and clogged pores that may lead to acne

  • A diminished ability to produce testosterone naturally once your cycle has finished

  • An increase in negative cholesterol

Should you stick within the recommended dosage guidelines, it has to be said that it’s unlikely you’ll encounter these adverse effects. If any of them manifest in a potent fashion, you’re going to need to immediately consult with your GP in regards to how best to counteract them and you may have to stop using test propionate 100 completely. Testosterone propionate results are going to be incredibly favorable provided you stick within the parameters mentioned above.

Buy Injectable Testosterone Propionate from Valkyrie Labs

Not all testosterone propionate for sale is the real deal, and now that you know what it’s going to do for you; you’ll want to ensure that you get the highest-grade product available on the market. We’re bringing this directly to you via Valkyrie labs – these guys produce anabolic compounds for use in the medical field, so you know for a fact that you can trust their products. This is about as high a standard as an anabolic agent could ever hope to meet, and you can now benefit from it without having to go anywhere near a medical facility.

Testosterone propionate costs just 37 euros per 100 mg vial and comes ready for safe injection via one of our sterile needles. Don’t risk shopping anywhere else to avoid disappointment – we’ll only ever supply you with the best of the best.

Package 1 vial (10 ml/vial)
Manufacturer Valkyrie Pharmaceutical
Substance Testosterone Propionate 100 mg/ml
Common name Testosterone Propionate

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